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fandom365days's Journal

Icon Community
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fandom365days is based off disney365days which is based off daily_icon

Basically, you claim something, and your aim is to make 100 icons of that subject. Any Fandom is welcome, Any theme (as long as no one else has it!).

Each Day, a Theme will be posted. You have 48 hours to make an icon for that theme. After that, the theme is no longer open. Each icon you post at a theme post counts towards your 100 icons. I suggest you make a table for your icons in your journal or graphics journal.

Please friend the community for updates!

You do have plenty of time to make your icons, but if you want you can do it within 100 days!


01. You have up to 365 days to finish your claim.

02. Please wait until your claim is approved before replying to a theme post.

03. You can make a claim at any time! You cannot, however go back and make for themes that have already been closed to have them count towards your total.

04. You can skip as many posts as you like; but if you don't make an icon within 2 months, we'll assume you're no longer interested and free up your claim for someone else.

05. One icon, per day, per claim.

06. Noticeably different icons per claim please!

07. While you can keep track of your 100 icons, and I encourage you to post elsewhere, If you don't post your icon to the theme post within 48 hours, it doesn't count towards your total for the challenge.

08. Four claims max per person!